We, Co-Filling Services, are specialized on liquid food products. Our machines are designed to fill products ranging from low to very high viscosity – including solid components.

Honey and syrups

Sweet and viscid – a real challenge to machinery. No problem for us. Name your product and we will fill it in jars, bottles, squeezer and alike. One-time use packaging, such as stick-packs, are not part of our portfolio.

Oils and fats

We are specialists with over 10 years’ experience with oils and fats. Coconut oil is currently amongst our top-runner. It is filled in glass jars, much unlike most oils that are filled in bottles. Our production line has received many upgrades to process coconut oil at the highest quality. We run, to name a few upgrades, dry-sterilisation of the jars, PVC-free lids and filters in our piping.

Sauces, dips, and dressings

This product range requires know-how in mixing and blending. Filling the product is just the final step. We operate on batch processing and put major efforts into the re-production of quality criteria and recipes.

Vinegar and watery foodstuffs

Compared to the above, watery food products are our easiest task. We do not do beverages, but other than that: Try us.

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